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Sam Mills Gluten Free ProductsMy family and I have been dealing with this gluten free thing for several years now.  One of the things we have learned over that time is that everyone seems to do it differently.  There doesn’t seem to be a single gluten free “all purpose” flour formula.  Every manufacturer uses a different blend of flours for their pastas.  No two bread mixes have the same ingredients list.  While there are a lot of great gluten free products on the market today, this inconsistency in base ingredients leads me to believe that no one seems to have found that perfect combination of gluten free flours for any particular product.  However, in most of these products, the one kind of flour you don’t typically find is corn flour.  Various rice flours, bean flours, and starches tend to be used in widely ranging combinations.  Sam Mills follows a different path.

Tuscani Chicken made with Sam Mills gluten free pastaCorn flour, water.  I just provided you with the only two ingredients in all of the Sam Mills gluten free pastas that we tried, whether they be a packaged pasta, or pasta used in a boxed meal.  Being more than a bit of a computer geek, I am well aware of the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) principle.  It seems that Sam Mills has taken that approach in their products.  Without hesitation, I can recommend the gluten free pasta from Sam Mills as a direct, drop-in replacement for your normal pasta.  It is this simple pasta that is the key to how excellent most of the products we tried turned out to be.  The texture is spot on; no grit, sliminess, or rubbery feel.  Try one of your favorite dishes with Sam Mills gluten free pasta in place of your normal gluten containing pasta.  I bet no one will be able to tell the difference in either taste or texture.  Take a look at my Tuscani chicken.  It turned out fabulous!

The gluten free pasta from Sam Mills also held up perfectly well in the boxed dinners they sent us.  Whether it was the beef stroganoff, beef lasagna, or the macaroni dishes, the pasta tasted great every single time.  The only time we deviated from the given instructions was when we substituted chicken for the tuna in the cheesy tuna dinner (which worked out very well).  Don’t tell your friends it’s not Hamburger Helper®, and they will never know the difference.  How awesome is that for the busy family who needs something relatively quick and easy for dinner?!  Here are few pics of some of the dishes we ate from the Sam Mills line of products.

As you can see, Sam Mills has a wide range of gluten free products, most of which revolve around their great pasta.  Pasta is not all they do, however.  One of my favorite items that they sent us is the corn grits.  Apparently grits are not for everyone, since I was the only person in the house that would eat them.  Thank goodness!  I got to finish off the whole bag by myself.  Add a little butter and… yum!  They also have oils and pasta sauces listed on their product page.  You can find a great many of their gluten free pastas on this Amazon page.

The simplest, and probably most profound, compliment I can pay the gluten free pasta from Sam Mills is that it is now our pasta of choice.  I was absolutely amazed when I looked at the ingredients listing and saw only two entries.  Maybe some of these other companies, gluten free or not, need to take a long look at the complexity of their products and rethink their strategy.  Sam Mills has proven that simple can be incredibly effective.  We certainly thank them for giving us the opportunity for finding this out for ourselves.

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